MFA show: Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Washington State University, Spring 2023
((everything keeps changing, try sealing it in a jar for later))
As I navigate profound changes in my life, I continually turn to my artistic practice to cope, communicate, connect, and heal. I often work in stages, transforming one image into another or continuing the same thought with different media to demonstrate the ways that everything changes over time. 
My works are often left in unfinished states that indicate a lack of closure or being in limbo. Like scientific studies, these works provide evidence of my processes and my attempts to make sense of the world. Grids, collections, anatomical images, botanical samples, jars, and domestic items evoke not only a sense of methodical analysis, but also poetic curiosity. Juxtapositions of varied materials prompt the viewer to consider themes of transformation, preservation, and loss.
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